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" I have been a member of Fitness Clubs of Canada since it opened in Aurora and by far, this club has been the best place to work out. I have been a member of many Clubs in and around Toronto since the early 80’s while training for the World Police and Firefighter Games, and none of those clubs come close at all to providing the expertise in weight training and conditioning.  Clean, friendly staff, extremely qualified personal trainers and great equipment. I am so impressed with the Club that I have my 15 year old son training as well with my personal trainer Stel to get him ready for his upcoming OHL draft year in minor hockey. "

Thanks for operating a quality club in my neighbourhood,

- Barry Locke


" After working with a few trainers and with little results I was apprehensive to keep going with a trainer.  Then I met Mike Clements and what a difference a great personal trainer can make.  Mike's vast knowledgebase of th ehuman body translates into un-dreamed of results.  My Training requires no will power from me, as Mike's ever evolving workouts and supportive diet strategies keeps me totally engaged and I cannot wait to get to the gymn.  I am 5 feet tall and at almost 50 years old before we met, my weight had skyrocketed and I was wearing a size 10, alot for a little person.  After six months with Mike I was wearing a size 4 and down to my high school weight - something i never dreamed possible.  Now more than 2 years later I have maintained my weight while increasing my muscle mass dramtically.  At 52 I am stronger than I ever dreamed I could be, lifting two and half times my body weight and setting higher goals all the time.  By identifying my strengths and weaknesses Mike was able to get the most out of me in each and every session and it shows! simply life-changing. "

Lorraine Before And After

- Lorraine Lix


" This has been an incredible journey, making me realize that it was not only about losing weight.  It has changed me as a person and I am unstoppable now!

I began as 294lbs and today I am 144lbs, having lost a total of 150lbs.  Most of my life I ate to fill voids.  I let my weight get the better of me, becomming a sad person with no confidence.  I always wanted the quick fix, but it never lasted.  I finally gave up and in turn, gave up on life!  I isolated myself from everyone, including the most precious girl in my life, my daughter Caterina.  It was her that made me see the bright light.  Her words changed my life.  She told me, 'Mommy, I wish you could do things with me and I will always take care of you!'  I couldn't rob her of her childhood and risk the possibility of her losing her mom.  I started eating healthy, but couldn't get pass losing 90lbs.  Despite my greatest fear of being in a gymn, my best friend Mary gave me no choice, but to join and has stuck by my side ever since.  Thank you Mary, you ended up changing my life!

That is where I ment my personal trainer Dan Lambert - at Fitness Clubs of Canada.  One year ago on November 1st, was the first time that I ever picked up a weight.  That day was the beginning of my new life.  I went from not being able to do one sit-up to now leg pressing 1000lbs and dead lifting 225lbs.  While putting up with me saying, ' No I'm not doing it!' and through serveral foot stomping moments, Dan has changed my life tremendously and has gotten me to love fitness.  I've since become a permanent fixture at the gymn.

The staff at Fitness Clubs of Canada are amazing.  They have supported me through this whole process and continue to do so.  They've given me the strength and confidence to keep going.  They have become my second family!

Caterina, you are my inspiration and motivation baby girl.  Mommy loves you and I'm looking forward to our gymn days together! "

- Lilla Marchese


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